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Your Electrician Bayside has a team of qualified and reliable electricians with years of experience in the industry. We are the domestic electrician Melbourne homeowners continue to turn to, offering quality electrician solutions throughout Bayside and its surrounding areas. Our licensed and bonded electricians offer safe and secure installations and fittings, long-lasting repairs and comprehensive maintenance electrical services. If you are tired of waiting for electricians to turn up on time, contact us for unrivalled customer service. From the initial contact to the finished service, we will be with you every step of the way to answer any questions you might have.

The electrical system in your home is a complex network of wiring. What may start as a simple electrical issue could quickly turn out of hand. What might be a small faulty outlet has now turned into your home being without power or even lead to a serious accident. You can make the entire process much easier and less painful by calling a trusted team of electrical contractors in Melbourne. You should not put yourself in danger’s way! If you need help with your home electrical issues or sense something is wrong, our team of well-trained electricians know exactly how to deal with it safely and effectively.

Electrical issues do not take weekends or holidays off, and neither do we! We have emergency electricians who are available for and type of emergency, no matter the time of day or night. Since we are a local Bayside company, we know the area better than anyone else. It is why when you call us; we can be at your doorstep in no time!

Our Electrical Services Bayside

Need a Bayside Electrical Team You Can Count On? Look No Further!

No matter your electrical needs, we have the right skills and the right attitude to complete your project. We are fully trained and equipped to tackle any job you throw at us. Based out of Bayside, we are always close by for any electrical work you might need help with.

If you need new electrical installations, repairs, rewiring, safety inspection, or other similar services at your home, we can help! Get it done by professionals with years of experience to bring efficiency to your project.

Residential Electrical Wiring

Electrical problems and rewiring is not something that can wait. People rely on electricity at home to provide reliable lighting, air conditioning, lighting for family time and much more. Postponing them could be more than just an inconvenience. If not handled properly or ignored for too long, the problems can be damaging and pose several dangers.
We offer Bayside electrical services that other contractors don’t, from repairing faulty switches and dead outlets to performing full rewires to make them safe. Our electricians can deal with any residential electrical problem, undertake all electrical test inspections, fault finding, diagnostics, and more. We have the right tools and equipment, along with the knowledge to get your installation and repairs done efficiently, safely, and as quickly as possible.

Switchboard Upgrades

If you live in one of those charming period homes in the Black Rock or Brighton East Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, chances are you are using an older switchboard with ceramic fuses. These were built in a time when people use only a few electrical appliances at homes, and there was no emergency cut-off safety mechanism. Thus, running modern-day appliances on your older switchboard can run the risk of electrical issues such as blowing fuses that can’t be reinstated like a circuit breaker and of course the most aspect: No RCD’s. An RCD is what protects your family from a potential electrical fault by ‘tripping’ - the process of turning off the power - before there is a chance to cause harm. Without RCD’s, your family’s safety is compromised. Our team of electrician Bayside Melbourne can carry out switchboard upgrades to your home, installing RCD’s to ensure your family or work environment is safe. Modern switchboards have mandatory in-built electrical safety switches - RCD’s - that will isolate the circuit immediately if there is an electrical fault. If you are installing new appliances or carrying out renovation work at home, our team can assess the need to repair, upgrade or install a new switchboard to ensure your family is safe. Replacing and updating your old switchboard will be an investment, but there is no price that you can put on safety or peace of mind.

Electrical Additions & Renovations

One of the best ways to breathe new life into your Hampton or Brighton home is with a renovation. Whether it is an extra bedroom, a new master bathroom, the guest room or even your workspace, remodels can be fun and add value to your home. You also need to consider all the new lights, new outlets and fixtures that you will need to add. Sometimes, there might be a need to move powerpoints for the new design. When you build an addition or remodel your home, hiring a professional Bayside electrician is critical to creating a fully functional space. We can assist you in wiring your existing installation to the addition and ensure your electrical switchboard is capable of handling the additional load. Our team can ensure that all the electrical components are correctly wired and up to standard. We can handle one-room remodel or large home models with ease. We can design and install every aspect of lighting and power needed for your project. So call the Electrician Bayside homeowners continue to turn to for renovations.

LED Upgrades Bayside

There are several advantages to having your existing lighting replaced with energy-efficient LED lighting for your home. If you thought that LED lights are only for large properties and outdoors, then you are mistaken. LED upgrades are a great option for your home, too, as they last for over ten years and help save you money in the long run. You can add it to your living rooms, terrace, balcony and other areas around your house. Our Bayside electricians can provide recommendations for the LED lighting systems in your home and carry out the necessary adjustments or fittings needed for the installation. We are aware of the standard rules and regulations and carry out our strict adherence to the code of conduct. We come prepared with all the necessary products, tools and equipment to ensure we can get the work done efficiently and without delays. If you are renovating or remodelling your house, it is the perfect time to upgrade to LED’s. LED upgrades are a great investment and should be done only by professionals. Our electrician Cheltenham can help you enjoy the advantages of LED bulbs for many years to come.

Data and Phone Installation

Communication is essential in today's world, and ensuring your home has appropriate phone and data outlets is critical. You need a stable internet connection to run multiple devices in your home, including Smart TVs, computers, laptops and maintain Wifi. The installation process is a critical step, and if not done correctly, it can lead to a lot of stress later on. Instead of going the DIY route, it is best to hire a professional to ensure a more systematic approach to installing data and phone cables. Our Bayside Electrician will carry out a survey of your home to determine the cable and network infrastructure needs. We will provide an expert installation that meets your current and future needs with ease. Apart from data and phone installation, we also undertake repairs and upgrades of your existing cabling to minimize downtime. Your new installation will be perfectly optimized and configured to work efficiently without any issues. Our electricians have undergone extensive training and ensure you are able to run all the devices you want in your home. We will also ensure that your cabling system is easy to manage and easily adapt to your future needs.

Garden Lighting Bayside

Those evening leisure strolls in your garden under the silvery stars might be a romantic thing to do. But, if you face pitch-black reality, you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of your garden. Just a few garden lighting at all the right places will allow you to enjoy your garden during the night. Our electrical experts can transform your garden into a peaceful retreat by placing garden lighting at strategic places in your garden. From led garden lights following a garden path to copper garden spike lights, outdoor string lights, and automated LED garden lights, we can help improve your outdoor space's aesthetic and improve security at night. Our electricians Melbourne are knowledgeable and can pick the best garden lightings that not only look amazing but also withstand the harshest of weather conditions. We pride ourselves on offering a complete service and will ensure your garden area offers a warm environment for many years to come.

Pendant Lighting

Installing pendant lighting is one of the best ways to improve the look and feel of your house. They look fantastic above the dining area, living rooms, bedrooms, above the staircase, and other areas of the house. If you have bought some new pendant lights for your house, we can help install them for you. The pendant light is a single or multi layered light fixture that hangs from the ceiling and is suspended by a metal link, chain, rope or cord. Without proper experience and skills, pendant light installation can be dangerous. Our experienced electrical contractors in Melbourne can rewire your lighting and ensure the pendant lighting is installed efficiently and quickly, no matter what the location in your home. Whether you are looking to install new pendant lights or replace an existing one, our trained electricians can complete the work on budget and always be on schedule regardless of the size of the project.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can add beauty to your home, improve the safety of movement around the house, and provide much-needed security after dark. Outdoor accent lighting can also enhance your home's architectural beauty. Whether you want outdoor lighting to improve your security or to improve the aesthetic of your property, you can depend on us for the designing, installation and maintenance of a full range of lighting options for your outdoor lighting needs. Our Bayside electrical experts will create a custom lighting design plan from scratch that fits what you want. We can install any type of outdoor lights such as architectural lighting, pool lighting, deck lighting, path and walkway lighting, driveway lighting, spotlights and much more. If you already have outdoor lighting on your property, we can upgrade to modern LED lights that are much more efficient and help save on your energy bills. We use only high-quality products to ensure they not only look good but can also withstand the weather conditions. With our routine maintenance plan for your outdoor lighting, we will make sure your outdoor lighting is working at its best, and your house gets the attention it deserves.

Solar Installation Bayside

With electricity prices reaching a record high every year, solar energy is ideal for those looking to reduce their power bills. Melbourne is known for its sunny weather and is capable of providing a great amount of solar power. If you are looking for more control over your energy costs and enjoy energy rebates and incentives while doing your bit for the planet, switching to solar power is a great investment in the long run. Installation of solar panels on your property is a complex process resulting in huge losses if not done correctly. Our electricians work with the best solar installers in Bayside to deliver high-quality service through tried and tested solar installation processes. Your solar panel system is designed according to your home, lifestyle and your budget. We can also help secure all the local and building permits needed for the installation work. Our solar panel systems are built to last for decades, and we will ensure their durability with regular maintenance and repair work when needed. Give us a call to begin your roofline survey to help us draw a solar system plan for your property.


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    If you are looking for an expert electrician that you can trust, do not look beyond Your Electrician Bayside! With our years of experience, you can be sure your electrical work will be efficiently and faultlessly executed!

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    If you are looking for an expert electrician that you can trust, do not look beyond Your Electrician Bayside! With our years of experience, you can be sure your electrical work will be efficiently and faultlessly executed!

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